Event Resources

9th December Embedding Equality Event

Embedding Equality Training Slides

Northern College Presentation Slides

3rd April Engaging and Embedding Faith and Belief

Main Presentation

Ofsted SMSC Presentation April

Dealing with Controversial Issues (Raheed)

Session 4

SMSC Guidance Audit Framework

Guidance and Links to Faith and Belief 03.04.14

2nd April Girls and Women in Motorcycle Engineering

GTA Gender Project 2014

21st June Advancing Equality & Diversity

CITB Partners Presentation Equality Improvement

WEA Partners Presentation Embedding Equality

Forster Partners Presentation Leadership

Forster Partners Mindmaps Templates

Forster Partners Mindmaps Text

York Partners Presentation Embedding Equality

York Partners Discovering Diversity Booklet

Stonewall Advancing LGBT Equality

23rd May Promoting Gender Equality

Training Slides (Fay Best)

23rd April Disability Equality Training

Training Slides

Delegate Notes

19th March Dyslexia Awareness (Birmingham)

BDA Presentation

5th December Equality Update (Sheffield)

Equality Act Update

Collingwood Legal - Extended Notes

Black Roses(Sophie Lancaster)

Booking Form (Sophie Lancaster)

Ruskin College Vulnerable Adults Presentation

Ofsted - Ensuring a Good Education For All

18th October Embedding Equality Event (Leeds)

Embedding Equality Handbook (sample)

Embedding Equal Opps in the Corriculum

ACAS Equality Act Summary

22nd June Strategic Equality Event (Barnsley)

Welcome Presentation

Women and motors Doncaster GTA presentation

Cardiff and Vale college - overcoming deprivation

West Cheshire College Leap 2 Work

Ofsted CIF2012 & Measuring Equality outcomes

24th May Advancing Equality Through Learner Voice

Advancing equality through voice 6 slides

Advancing equality through voice 2 slides

Advancing equality through voice cafe summary

Embedding Equality and Diversity into the curriculum Dollys Exercise

Embedding Equality and Diversity into the curriculum general

What is and what isn't respect

7th March Promoting Diversity Through Drama Event

1.Event information

2.Alex Baghurst-Presentation

3.Have I got equality news for you(questions)

4.Have I got equality questions for you(answers)

5.Sue Horner-Powerpoint

6.Big Timeline Resources

7.TimeLine Quotes

8.Using Drama guide

7th February Driving LGBT Equality in FE Event

1.Have I got equality news for you?(questions)

2.Have I got equality news for you?(answers)



5.LGBT Provider Checklist

6.Empower Reccomended Resources

7.Empower Toolkit Guidance

8.Rikki Arundel Presentation

24th November Mental Health Equality Event

The web-site maintained by Catina Barratt of NIACE can be found at http://mhfe.org.uk/

1. Cover and Agenda

2. 'You Can Do It' Pack

3. 'Should I Say' Detailed Pack

4. 'Should I Say' Short Pack

5. Enabling Declaration Checklist 2010

6. Recipe Template

7. Swarthmore Case Study

8. CNWL Case Study

9. City College Case Study

6th October Strategic Equality Event

1. Alex Baghurst - Equality Network & Pinnacle

2. John Ryan - Leeds City College

3. Rolf Mason - Bradford College

4. Chaplaincy Case Histories

5. Guidance and Links to Chaplaincy

6. Paul McGowan - Collingwood Legal

7. Ruth Pickersgill - Leicester College

8. Min Rodriguez - King's College London

9. Equality Framework FE

10. Self Assessment FE

11. Peter Green - Ofsted