Peer Review Projects 2013
Peer Review Partnership Project 2013

Welcome to our overview of the 2013 equality peer review projects. This section offers a summary of each project along with key outcomes and learning points. Our hope is that you will take ideas and inspiration from these projects. Congratulations to everyone involved with delivering these successful initiatives.

Equality Peer Review Projects - Introduction

1. York College Partnership

2. WEA Partnership

3. Forster Community College Partnership

4. CITB Partnership

Equality Peer Review Projects 2013- All Case Studies

Peer review is the evaluation of work or performance by other people in the same field in order to maintain or enhance the quality of the work or performance in that field. It is based on the concept that a wider group of participants will usually find more weaknesses and areas for potential improvement.

Scheme background:

  • Projects selected by a panel of provider representatives
  • Coordinated by Doncaster GTA Ltd and Pinnacle Training Solutions Ltd representing the FE Providers’ Equality Network
  • Funding and support from The Learning & Skills Improvement Service (LSIS)

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